Safely Buy Products in China

Mar 13, 2023

Order Directly from the Source

Many people do not want to purchase goods made in China. When they see the “Made in China” label, they instantly think the product is not only cheap but is cheaply made. This means they assume the product will not last or will look different in person after being purchased online. While this could be true for any item purchased online, there are ways to safely purchase quality items made in China.

One way to ensure you’re getting the product you want is to attend a China tradeshow. Tradeshows such as the Canton Import and Export Fair or Global Sources Trade Show are great places to explore a variety of products and manufacturers. China is a leader in manufacturing and their trade shows are well-known and well-respected around the world. Buyers come from across the globe to attend these shows and grab the best of the best items to sell.

Another way to safely order products in China is through wholesalers. The wholesale market allows you to peruse a huge selection of products. Not only is there a massive variety of products but they are also very inexpensive. One major difference in working with the wholesale market vs. trade shows is that if you like an item after inspecting it, you can take it home immediately or have it shipped to your preferred location.

China holidays are the only time when wholesale markets are closed. Otherwise, they are open year-round. Because the wholesale marketplace has inventory, you will be able to easily decide which product meets your needs. You’ll know which are not made up to your standards and find the gems.

The final thing you can do is work with a China sourcing agent. Working with a sourcing agent allows you to take advantage of the manufacturing and price of goods made in China while getting the exact goods you want. You will be able to give the manufacturer your specifications. The agent will work directly with the manufacturer to make sure your requirements are met. You own much of the design process and can have your products created the way you want from scratch. Your China sourcing partner will help with identifying the best manufacturer and will help manage quality control.

A China sourcing agent empowers you to turn over the manufacturing process to an expert in the field.  The sourcing agent’s job is to understand your product specifications, find the best manufacturer for your needs, and manage quality. You will have time to focus on the most important step, selling. Sourcing agents are a great resource for finding the best manufacturer, communicating your product requirements, and even performing quality control checks.

No matter what option you choose, there are things you can do to safely get products from China. Understanding your options is important so you can make the most informed conclusion for your business.

Global Manufacturing and Sales is ready to be your U.S. and China sourcing agent. We’ll be your boots-on-the-ground partner. Contact us at (732) 970-7800 to learn how we can help your business.



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