4 Top Tips for China-based Manufacturing

Aug 1, 2023

Finding What Works for Your Business

Manufacturing your product in China has numerous benefits. It is less expensive and China manufacturers are acclimated to working with copious quantities. China manufacturing facilities are equipped with large, accurate equipment so that your product can easily be customized. This allows your project to be completed quickly. It is also easier to find enough labor to work in the factories for cheaper wages, which cuts down on overhead. This lets the manufacturer produce your goods for less.


  1. Choose the best partner

Selecting the right manufacturer is a key tip for success. You want to make sure the manufacturer you choose can meet the unique specifications of your product. You should also make sure the manufacturing facility has the equipment needed for your product, with enough workers for the output you need. Product quality starts with your manufacturer. Find a partner who is known for providing quality goods. You can ask for quality certifications. One such certification is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Being ISO certified means that the business has met the international standards for quality in a specific industry. In this case, ISO 9001 is the standard for manufacturing.

  1. Quality control

Having access to the manufacturing facility can reassure you that your product is well made. The risk of not seeing your product during the manufacturing process can be timely and costly. If you can, having a local representative can solve this problem. Having someone available onsite helps with language barriers and allows the person to see your product firsthand. They can also ensure the manufacturing is working to your requirements. You should always ask for a product sample before your project is complete. Sometimes acquiring that sample can be time-consuming. The sample has to be made and shipped overseas. A local representative can see samples in real-time and make any adjustments swiftly, with less hassle.

  1. Patents and Trademarks

You have worked to make your product unique. It is important to protect that uniqueness in the US and abroad. US trademarks and patents are an effective way to ensure your ideas are safe and can’t be duplicated. When working with China manufacturers you’ll need to take things a step further. Registering your intellectual property (IP) in China will give you an added safeguard of protection. It’s important to become familiar with trademark protection and limitations. China uses a first-to-file registration system. Even if you have a trademark in the US, China will not recognize it unless it is registered on the mainland. The more well-known your brand becomes; the more likely counterfeiters will try to copy it. From a legal standpoint, registering your IP is one of the best ways to fight this.

  1. Work with a sourcing agent

Accommodating everything it takes to work with a China-based manufacturer can feel overwhelming. While trying to research the best partner, perform quality control, and understand international IP rules is a large task. One of the most efficient ways to meet these needs is to work with a sourcing agent. A sourcing agent is a third-party representative who acts on the behalf of your business. China sourcing agents are local to the manufacturer. The job of a sourcing agent is to find the best manufacturer to meet your product needs. Sourcing agents usually have relationships with manufacturers, making them a great resource.

Global Manufacturing and Sales can assist you with your sourcing needs today! Contact us at Info@GlobalManufacturingSales.com or (732) 970-7800.

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