Why Choose Us

You can count on us


Based in USA and China we are your eyes and ears on the ground.


Communicate directly with factories


Monitor and Oversee development and production from start to finish


Ensure products and factories pass international tests as well as retail requirements


Inspect all orders with a 3rd party not affiliated or owned by the factory

Factory audits

We help source and select qualified manufacturers from our long-term relationships with suppliers throughout the world.  We audit all factories and provide reports upon request. We check the manufacturing capabilities during the production process and commit to making sure the finished product meets expectations.

Pre-production inspection

We do not wait until an order is complete.  With inspections of goods in incoming materials and components this ensures we catch and possible problems or concerned before the order is started with production.  This saves time and money rather than having to rework entire production run.

During production inspection

When manufacturers have started the production process, we send our professionals to factories. We monitor and inspect the goods based on international standards of quality control. Our QC team will check potential non-conformance problems in the production process. Low-quality machines and different in-house procedures will affect the output.

Pre-shipment inspection

Your order shipment will undergo a thorough inspection before it reaches your destination. We use signed approved samples that are provided before production.  We look rigorously to find defects and complications in the final production stages.   Upon final approval of reports we release the goods to the designated party.

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