About Us

Our Core Beliefs and Most Important Values

Who we are

We are a USA and China based Sourcing and Manufacturing company that believes in employing technology and tact to make the product development and procurement processes swift, smooth, cost-effective, and growth oriented.

Having been in the industry for over 2 decades, we have not only seen sourcing turning from outdated to modern-day but also played an active part in it.

While the internet has simplified sourcing in recent years, e-commerce has encountered another challenge. Businesses are now challenged to design and develop their own products, instead of simply importing commodity goods from China where there is mass competition.

Global Manufacturing and Sales is here to help you. Our highly trained team will assist you throughout the process – from designing and developing your products to get them manufactured and shipped to you.

We provide full project management to protect you against different manufacturing, sourcing, and buying risks. The experience we have acquired over the years enables us to effectively monitor quality through every stage of the process.

What we do

We provide beginning-to-end Product Development, Sourcing, Quality Control, and Inspection Services to our partner clients seeking to benefit from China’s manufacturing capacity and cost-effective production.

As an experienced manufacturing and sourcing company, we have developed a profound understanding of the different markets and have made it our mission to provide our customers with smart and reliable solutions.

During development or choosing a partner manufacturer, we do intensive market research, remove systemic bottlenecks, and engage with all the relevant parties directly to make it simple, hassle-free, and competitive for our clients.

Because we know how critical a reliable supply chain is to every business, we evaluate sources to exacting standards for technical and logistical strength.

In short, we are your China Office – at a cost much less than what you would pay for having a real one!

How exactly we do it

By employing a combination of management systems of the West and local experience of the East, we bridge the gap between the source and consumer markets.

We deal with real factories to save you from paying commissions to trading companies claiming to be factories.

This direct dealing has two advantages: One, it helps get the best prices; Two, we can deal with quality issues more quickly.

Already have a supplier?

You might be already having a supplier who you met at a Trade Show or via a B2B Portal. No problem, you can still benefit from Sourcing Service. We have many partners clients who nominate their own supplier but avail our expertise and resources to make sure their best interests are protected on the ground in China.

Our Working Style

  • We maintain an active interaction with the client to develop and understand the direction
  • We oversee product development from prototype stage to final delivery
  • We fish out the highest quality manufacturer at the most competitive pricing
  • We conduct a full assessment of the manufacturer and their production facilities
  • Our staff works directly with the factories to convey the exact product needs and specifications
  • We set strict quality guidelines for the manufacturing and ensure they followed during production process
  • We provide Project Management for single as well as multiple products
  • We provide you with all relevant reports to facilitate you in the process

Why ChoOse Us?

We provide a smart, cost-effective, and all-in-one solution to all your needs. We know the technology, the trade secrets, and the players of the game. We save you time and money!

If you need customized products or their parts, we are here to help. Reach out to us to tell us more about your upcoming project or ask us any questions about our sourcing services. With us, your manufacturing needs are well cared for.

You can call us at (732) 970-7800

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