4 Complaints about China Manufacturers

Jan 27, 2023

Turning disadvantages into Advantages

Working with a Chinese manufacturer has many advantages. Let’s explore some of the downfalls.

  1. Expected Delivery Date and Actual Delivery Don’t Match
    1. One complaint that many companies have with manufacturing in China is late delivery dates. This can be frustrating for planning purposes. Delays can cause businesses to lose money if they’re unable to meet customers’ demands.
    2. There are several factors that can impact delivery dates, including production or shipping delays. Another common delay is a poor estimation of lead time. Sometimes manufacturers will need to use subcontractors for things such as painting. If the manufacturer did not calculate this time well, delays will happen. Adding in additional days for possible delays can help decrease this risk.
  2. Bad Product Quality
    1. Quality products are key to success in selling goods. The market is saturated with similar goods. It’s very easy to find a variety of sellers. It’s also easy to research which items are good and which are not. Bad reviews can break your business and lead to a negative reputation. This means that having a high-quality product is crucial.
    2. Having quality control checkpoints is a good way to minimize the risk of poor products. You can manage quality control by traveling to the facility. Another way to perform quality control is by asking for sample products before full manufacturing begins. Finally, do your research. Check reviews and other sources to understand if the manufacturer has a good reputation for providing quality goods.
  3. No China Supply Contact
    1. It is an important part of the business to have a point of contact. No one wants to have issues when trying to run a business, but issues arise. When these unavoidable circumstances happen, communication becomes a big deal. The same is true when dealing with a Chinese manufacturer. Before signing an agreement with a Chinese manufacturer, you should know the point(s) of contact for all areas of the transaction, including billing, shipping, and production.
  4. Price Changes after Production Starts
    1. To secure your business Chinese manufacturers may give you an entry-level price quote to get you in the door. This initial pricing may not include your brand specifications or accurate turnaround times. It’s important to understand what the initial quote entails so you can make an informed decision from the start. Be sure to ask specific questions about packaging and shipping costs when looking for quotes. Get as specific as possible about your requirements to get the best information in return.


One of the best ways to avoid issues is to hire a China sourcing agent. China sourcing agents act as your point of contact with the China facility handling your product. Traveling to China to handle issues may not be realistic for you and your business. The China sourcing agent is your local representative. They can perform quality control checks and communicate with facilities. They can even recommend manufacturers and assist with negotiating on your behalf. The China sourcing agent is also able to translate your needs and understand things that may cause delays like the Chinese holidays.

It can be easy to fall into the mistakes found in manufacturing in China. Working with a China sourcing agent can help businesses avoid these mistakes.  Some business owners think that working directly with China suppliers on their own will be cheaper. However, hiring a China sourcing agent can actually help you save money.

To get more information on how Global Manufacturing and Sales can assist you with your sourcing needs, contact us at Info@GlobalManufacturingSales.com or (732) 970-7800. Global Manufacturing and Sales can help you understand China’s sourcing and manufacturing. We can also offer quote based on your needs.

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